Anika Solveig

Actor - Director - Teacher

Image by Peter Konerko

Image by Peter Konerko

Hey there!

I'm an Equity actress based in New York City. I spent a few years in sunny California, first for an MFA at the prestigious UC Irvine, and then in tech-boom San Francisco where I had the privilege of working with the great talents at the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival as a Resident Artist.

Lately, I've been playing with some good friends at Shotz (check us out at the Kraine Theater in the East Village) and developing brand new physical theater with brickabrack. My contact info is on the Contact tab If you'd like to get in touch or just want to talk about Shakespeare and feminism with someone nice. 

My headshot is here and my resume is here.

Recent credits:

  • Grundy in Age of Extinction // NYC, Ashley Brooke Monroe Dir.
  • Nell in On the Joyous Eve // amios's SHOTZ in NYC
  • Jane in the World Premier Production of Jane Eyre//  Counter-Balance Theater
  • Jessica in Merchant of Venice and Lucianna in Comedy of Errors // New Swan Shakespeare Festival                                                 "Solveig's Jessica packs a powerful punch . . . Antonio offers her Shylock's                    dagger and she takes it with great gravitas that renders the audience speechless."                          -New University
  • Mother Courage in Mother Courage and Her Children // Contemporary Arts Center, Irvine                                                               "Solveig was incredible in the role, summoning awe-inspiring power, strength and                          shrewdness that was aptly sustained, making her moments of softness and compassion land with great significance."    -New University

Regional credits:

  • By the Bog of Cats // Frank Theater at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis
  • Vinegar Tom // Frank Theater
  • Comedy of Errors // Shakespeare Orange County                                                                                                                                        "Syracuse Dromio is a frenetic, wiry and limber imp, who runs circles around those she fools and confounds."     -LA Splash Magazine
  • Atlas in Here We Are in Heaven//amios's SHOTZ in San Francisco
  • The Imaginary Invalid // National Theatre for Arts and Education

New York credits:

  • F—king Hell // TerraNOVA’s Subterranean
  • Don’t Judge Me // amios’ ShotZ
  • New York Premier of the Seven Deadly Sins Project // The Internationalist's at The Public Theater
  • World Premier of Dog Day Afternoon // Barefoot Theatre Company
  • Chekhov in the Cold: To Moscow // Greige Theatre
  • With A Big Fat Luscious Hug: The Real Life Blog of a Professional Wife, Mother, Stripper and CEO // The Public (workshop)
  • Schooled and Unschooled // written and directed by Ester Neff for Dixon Place