Anika Solveig

Actor - Director - Teacher


As a Teacher,

I help students develop their own capacity for expressive connection. I offer my range of training and experience as a tool kit to support each student's specific needs. Master Teacher Catherine Fitzmaurice says, "Teach what is in front of you". I approach each student as the source of their own inspiration. My job is to help to unlock that inspiration and provide practical tools for growth.


I teach scene study, acting technique, Shakespeare, voice, movement and speech at the New York Film Academy. At AMDA I teach in the Acting Department as well as in the Voice and Speech Department. I also sometimes teach Public Speaking at the City College of New York. 


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Loui Movement Technique

I teach LMT, privately, to professional actors in NYC.

Students experience counter-balance in motion. They learn to lift and be lifted. Communicate clearly with your whole body. Discover the joy of ensemble building. Fly!

You will learn to use the architecture of your body to exchange energy and weight. You will lift and be lifted! Discover the liberating experience of 'improvising' given text. This class is based in the foundations of contact improvisation, acro yoga and techniques developed by Master teacher Annie Loui for Counter-Balance Theater.

Contact me for more info. Scheduled sessions are variable.



I think [LMT] is a great work-out for actors and encourages us all to do a bit of risk-taking in a safe environment. Anika is a warm and supportive presence in the classroom. She and her co-teacher Soren are impressive practitioners and created a challenging but accepting environment.
— Rebecca Ennals, Artistic Director of San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
I truly connected with the way in which you taught me and your strong presence and infectious (yet calm) energy really allowed me to open up as a person and learn experientially.

I will forever be grateful for the time spent together as your direct communication and openness inspired me to put into practice things that I’d always read about but never fully understood - like “simply breathing” and being present in the moment. As a person that shift in consciousness has changed the way that I see my journey and is helping me face my fears more than you’d know.
— Casey-Ann, New York Film Academy
I would like to say That you are an awesome teacher and I like every moment of your class and enjoy learning shakespeare with you:-)
— -Latoya Douty, New York Film Academy BFA candidate
I really loved this class, the other classmates, Anika, the warm-ups, the acting exercises, the speech and breathing practices, I loved it all! I had a fun time and I learned such an incredible amount, it was a great experience.
— Rita Husian, UC Irvine Freshman
This class has shown me I can still overcome fears, try new things and open up to complete strangers baring my insides freely.
— Heather Pak, UC Irvine Junior
So this is kinda out of the blue, but I really just wanted to thank you again for being such a great teacher. I feel like Speech was one of the few classes where I walked away from the quarter and still kept the exercises and knowledge that I gained over the quarter. Over break, I was asked to perform a monologue for this conference that I was attending. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was going to be performing for about 1,000 people! In preparing for this performance I found all the exercises and visualization work that we did in class was super helpful And I even destructured before my performance to calm my nerves! The performance went really well and I felt really good about them. But anyways, I just wanted to share this small success will you, because as my teacher you have had a hand in my progress, and made a huge impact on my growth as a performer. I mean the second week of class I couldn’t even perform my Edmund monologue in front of our class because of nerves! And now I have a 1,000 person performance under my belt. So thank you so much!
— Connor, UC Irvine Sophmore
I truly cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and for our whole class this quarter. Knowing you has been one of the highlights of my career at UCI.
— Caitlin Lushington, UC Irvine Senior