Anika Solveig

Actor - Director - Teacher

Let's Make Plays together.

Directing Projects:

Written by Tira Palmquist  Produced by the New York Film Academy  November 2016

Sailors Hopped the A Train

Written by Yilong Liu for The Flea Theater - Serials 50th Anniversary Cycle

March 2019


Catch and the Sirens

Written by Emily Kitchens for Shotz Mixtape at the Kraine Theater

October 2018

Into the Deep Stuff by Susan Goodell

Into the Deep Stuff

Written by Susan Goodell for aMIOS NYC

November 2016

5 Times in One Night by Chiara Atik

5 Times in One Night

Written by Chiara Atik

Performed by Matthew Moxam and
Saga-Maria Lundquist

July 2016

One Match Monologue Night 11/16

House of Lards

Written by Sara Nedwick for Blowout Theater

June 2016

Eidola by Michael Sadler for aMIOS


Written by Michael Sadler for aMIOS NYC

April 2015

Varsouviana by John Low for aMIOS SF


Written by John Low for aMIOS SF: LongShotz

September 2014

Bravissimo by Sarah Rose Butler


Written by Sarah Rose Butler for aMIOS SF

May 2014

Heidi of Sochi by Aeron Macintyre for Tides Theater

Heidi of Sochi

Written by Aeron Macintyre for Tides Theater

April 2013

Table for Two

Table for Two

Written by Daniel Heath for Tides Theater

February 2013

Hamlet // Macbeth // Romeo and Juliet // Taming of the Shrew // Julius Ceasar

For SF Shakes Education and Outreach Programs during my Residency there

May 2012 - December 2013

Split by Michael Weller with Sonya Cooke and Matt Koenig

UC Irvine Graduate Project

Assistant Director for Counterbalance Theater's The Dwarf